Bianca Christine


I have been doing hair for 28 years and grew up around the industry my whole life , I am a second generation hairstylist . My mother has been a hairstylist for over 50 years and still going Strong in Arkansas ! She has taught me everything I know ! And she truly loves this industry , that’s exactly why I know it runs thick in my blood !

My teenage years were always friends coming over so I could do their hair . I didn’t bat an eye at it ! I’d do them and myself for Special occasions , high school dances , Proms , graduations , etc. I was so proud to know I had something to do with how it made them feel .

Right after graduating high school , I started beauty school in Santa Maria CA , I did about 5 months there and then transferred to San Luis Obispo for the remaining 6 months !  I just needed a change . I met some great people along the way and since my mom owned her own Salon in Santa Maria , I knew I had an instant place to work with a little overflow of clientele . Blessed I would say since my mom was already established . Although I started with her , I soon left and started at a different Salon , I felt I needed to try it out on my own . I ended up renting part time and working at a fantastic sams the other half of my time in Arroyo Grande Ca . It was a great experience. It’s not all what you think ,  fun and more fun behind the chair . Lots of hard work and fails go along with it !  

After having enough of being on my own , I thought (what are you doing ?) you have the best of the best to mentor under so I went back to working with my mom . That’s when we opened up About Face & Hair partnered up and let the good times roll ! In that time I had gotten married , started a family and my career began to grow !

You never know exactly how life is going to go but you hope through blood sweat & tears , you enjoy it as it comes ! As I did ! I knew life wasn’t always about being behind the chair . I decided to take on Taekwondo and successfully became a black belt , my true passion since I was in 5th grade . My ultimate accomplishment was being a mom and through mid career I became a single mom . I knew it was all me that had to provide for my two beautiful kids now grown adults ! I’ve spent many long hours pretty much working to keep a roof over our heads and with that said , I’ve worked in many Salons meeting many fellow hairdressers along the way . In search of happiness , maybe , but I wouldn’t change a thing ! I absolutely love this career and all that comes with it ! I’ve worked with R Studio Salon for 5 years now and by far one of the most compassionate  salon owners I’ve ever worked with . He’s fun innovative and ambitious , and keeps us evolving as a whole , I have the utmost respect for him as it’s always in return !!! Hope you enjoyed my story , and whether you are sitting in mine or another fellow stylists chair , I’ll always be happy to see you smile ! See you at the Salon!

Sincerely, Bianca

To book with Bianca please call: 805-478-4834